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Production specifications

Pressing material specific informations

Here you can set the properties related to the pressed product, such as Hydraulic Fittings, Tubes, Cables, Rods....

Fields marked with* are required!

This value has to be added in mm to the outer diameter OD of the material, wich has to be pressed.

With this Parameter you set the Opening distance of the crimper to ensure the loading and unloading of the goods into the press jaw of the machine.

Machine specific informations

Here you set the specifications related to the machine performance. Specific data ​​can be found in our product catalog.
Alternatively you can automaticly prefill specific machine values by choosing from the following selection.

Machine-specific speeds

Specifications of the speed in mm /second that the machine needs for each process.

Please note that these specifications differ depending on the machine model!

Machine-specific time

Results of the calculated times in seconds, which the machine will need for the respective processes.

Dispositive time factors

Optional timing values in seconds, which can be considered for each process cycle.

Result of the calculation

Results of your calculation

+ including Holding time (Machine)
- excluding Operator time (Operator)

+ including Hold time (Machine)
+ including Operator time (Operator)