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  • P 350
  • P 350 aggregate
  • P 350 container opened
  • P 350 close-up container bottom and tank
  • P 350 close-up hose attached
Test pressure: 150 - 1000 bar

Is testing of large industrial hose or long hydraulic hose possible in a safe and practical manner?

Our new P 350 test bench unifies our years of experience with your advanced requirements for special hose equipment. The extra-large test chamber gives you the space you need for your challenge. Pallets with hoses as well as large, heavy hose coils can be easily supplied to the chamber by forklift. Hose samples are connected easily with adapter hose and quick connection to pressure ports.

The P 350 comes with a number of standard features such as internal lighting and a portable power
aggregate, and caters to individual test logging.

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  • P 350
  • UPP UNIFLEX Pressure Sensor Programme
First Class Advantages:
In case of leackage the testing fluid will flow back into the tank without any loss.

Integrated tank with filter

For all types of hoses and fittings


CE Conform

CE Conform

2-year warranty on each product

2-year warranty

Technical Data

Technical Data

Test pressure
Tank dimension (mm)
Test bench dimension (mm)
Aggregate dimension (mm)
Reservoir capacity
Alternative drive
Noise level (dBA)
Test Medium
Weight tank dimension
Weight aggregate
P 350
150 - 1000 bar
Control C.2 + Touch
Oszillierender Druckübersetzer und Membranpumpe
12,5 l/min.
7,5 bar, 400-50-3 (VAC)
1950 x 1950 x 2200
2100 x 2170 x 2650
850 x 1390 x 810
1040.00 l
RAL 5012 RAL 7021
Emulsion EM CO-18 kg
650 Kg empty
210 Kg empty

Packages and Accessories

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