• EM 4
  • EM 4: Compact and highly efficient

Karben, 18 November – In the production and repair of hose assemblies, maximum precision is of utmost importance. Therefore, UNIFLEX, the world-wide leader among the suppliers of sophisticated crimpers for hydraulic hoses, also offers numerous peripheral devices and a comprehensive range of accessories. For productive operations in production and in workshops, high-precision cutting machines for hydraulic and industrial hoses are absolutely indispensable.

The EM 4 hose cutting machines cut industrial hoses and SAE R 12 hydraulic hoses with diameters of up to 2” – in the economical Ecoline version of up to 1 ¼”. Due to their compact dimensions and different electricity supplies, this model range is particularly well suited for use in workshops or services provided on site. In order to ensure that vibration during operation is as low as possible, the motors of the EM 3 models are located close to the cutting blade. The unique drives have a double bearing; additional brake motors ensure maximum safety.

The EM 4 models and the EM 4 Ecoline work with 230 Volt, the EM 4 DC with 12. Like most of the other UNIFLEX cutting machines, the EM 4 cutting machines also offer all UNIFLEX first class advantages – from universal usability to high energy efficiency and special brake and cutting motors up to the TM C high-quality cutting blades.

The UNIFLEX cutting blades, especially developed in Germany, are particularly long-living and make all EM 4 cutting machines a safe investment which pays off quickly – through faster and straighter cutting, less rejects and by keeping the workplace cleaner. Thanks to intelligent solutions for the motor brake and the blade protection, subjects like safety, protection at the workplace and ergonomic features are not missed out either. No matter which model is being used: Whoever has worked with one just once, will never again want to do without this clean and precise hose processing mode.

The cutting machine of this series are table-top devices which are perfectly suited for being mounted on the UNIFLEX TU workbench. Further reliable accessories are exhaust devices, UVC adapters, hose feeding guides or hose length measurement devices. All accessories have been optimally tailored to the UNIFLEX cutting machines and come in the original long-life UNIFLEX quality. With proper maintenance and careful handling, the UNIFLEX devices can offer their users decades of service life of their investments. Therefore UNIFLEX machines with their nearly legendary, extremely rare need for repair not only stand for “The best Return on Investment” but also for CO conscious investments – and for two full years of manufacturer’s warranty.

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