• EM 6
  • EM 6 – one of the 4 variants

Karben, 24th October: Supplying a whole series of hose cutting machines, UNIFLEX allows for safe, clean, precise and fast cutting of industrial hoses with proven and reliable quality – for repair purposes and production.

The EM 6 hose cutting machine series performs safe, clean, precise and rapid cuts of industrial hoses up to 3” and SAE R 12 hydraulic hoses up to 2.5”.

The EM 6 product line ranges from the EM 6 DC designed for 24 V DC, which due to its weight of 29 kg is ideal for use in mobile workshops, to the EM 6 Ecoline and EM 6 M and ends with the EM 6 P, which shows its strengths in the production of a high number of pieces. All devices are equipped with the specially coated TM C cutting blade, which substantially reduces the effort needed for cutting.

The UNIFLEX TM C cutting blade, which was specially developed in Germany, is particularly long-lasting and makes each of the EM 6 cutting machines a safe investment that pays off quickly – thanks to faster and straighter cuts, less workpiece rejects and by keeping the workplace cleaner. The unique drive motors, the double bearing and the sturdy design of the machine for vibration dampening additionally help to ensure safe and ergonomic operations. Intelligent solutions for motor brakes and blade protection provide safety and protection at the workplace.

The versatile accessories make working with the hose cutting machines of the EM 6 series even easier, safer and more reliable. All accessories, like the cut counter and length measuring device, exhaust device, workbench and hose coiling reel, hose winder or external hose guide, are optimally tailored to the UNIFLEX cutting machines and are supplied with the original long-life UNIFLEX quality. With proper maintenance and careful handling, the UNIFLEX devices can offer their users decades of service life. UNIFLEX machines with their legendary high quality and extremely rare need for repairs mean users get not only “The best Return on Investment” but also CO2-conscious investments – with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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