We are only then satisfied when the customers of our customers are satisfied!

This philosophy has committed us to meet highest customer demands concerning quality and service, to further improve our internal processes and make them more transparent for all.

With the certification according to DIN ISO 9001 in June 2008, we commit ourselves to take all measures necessary to not only maintain the high standard of UNIFLEX but also to continue to further develop ourselves.

We have set high goals in:

  1. Universality

    Proven Standards in a modular design provide a great variety of possible applications and needs. High forces are provided and controlled with high precision.

  2. Reliability

    Day-to-Day reporting of the UNIFLEX business process ensures the high availability of our products for the customer‘s benefit.

  3. Innovation

    A close partnership with our customers ensures a maximum of feedback for the development of new products.

  4. Service

    The UNIFLEX team provides consulting, service with 40 years of experience in its one, and only field. Additional services like training, financing, logistics and testing help the customers to concentrate on their own core business.

  5. User-Orientation

    Our frequent presence on the customer‘s floor enables us to ease the user‘s daily work with our machines.

We work for you and with you

The success of UNIFLEX is based on the one hand on intense customer contact and on the other on being independent of individual hose and fitting manufacturers. UNIFLEX works round the world closely together with competent sales and service partners. These trustworthy and for the most part long term cooperations lead to joint, regionally specific sales strategies, in the participation in important trade fairs and in a timely processing of technical inquiries and fast deliveries.

Take us by what we promise

Customer usability and customer satisfaction have utmost priority for all activities of the Uniflex-Hydraulik GmbH and its partner companies – worldwide and at all times!