6 o’clock die

For all types of hoses and fittings


Economy model, less options, same quality


Work space optimised: between front plate and dies


Now even more efficient

Energy efficient

Noiseless coupling or internal gear pump to reduce noise levels


The motor has a larger shaft and oversize bearings to gurantee less vibration created by the radial forces, this provides a faster and safer cut

Cutting motor

According to the CE safety standards the blade stop within 10 seconds of the motor being switched off.

Brake motor

Two internal blades

Internal skiving

Two external blades

External skiving

Skive internally and externally in one simultaneous operation

Internal- / External skiving

Cutting blades on considered material

Approved cutting blades

In case of leackage the testing fluid will flow back into the tank without any loss.

Integrated tank with filter

CE Conform

CE Conform

2-year warranty on each product

2-year warranty

Trust and Quality

Uniflex-Hydraulik GmbH demonstrates their trust in its own technologies by providing you a 2-year warranty on every product*.

We will exceed your expectations. All of our products are
Made in Germany
and thoroughly checked by several highly trained employees before being shipped to your workshop.

We are proud of our product designs, longevity of our machines and the strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and business partners.

UNIFLEX’s precision-made components increase each machine’s durability and the quality of your products.

Trust in our robust technology!

* Even second-hand-machines have 1-year warranty.