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Peripheral Equipment – A comprehensive range

Full service until delivery of functional, clean and inspected workpieces is essential for hose manufacture today. For this reasons, UNIFLEX offers the entire workshop equipment from a single source

Hose skiving machines
Hose skiving machines skive hydraulic hoses on the outside, on the inside, or on the outside and inside in a single step.

Nipple inserters
UNIFLEX pneumatic inserters facilitate even the installation of very heavy or bent fittings to an extent that the return on investment is rapidly achieved. 

Embossing and Marking machines
UNIFLEX emboosing and marking tools represent an inexpensive solution for the indispensable compliance with CE standards.

Pin prick tools
Facilitated pin pricking using UNIFLEX machines is always required when working with gas.

Cleaning machines
UNIFLEX cleaning machines reliably remove skiving chips, abrasion waste resulting from cutting, as well as crimping scales.

Test benches
UNIFLEX test benches are used for reliable and ecological tests of finished workpieces – which is also required for reasons of product liability.