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Crimpers for Industrial Hoses – Ergonomic solutions for challenging tasks

UNIFLEX develop machines not only in view of optimum
production results and reliable return on investment, but also in
view of safe and user-friendly operation.

The best example for this is the design of stationary crimpers for industrial hoses with large diameters: Ergonomically designed,
low-height machines with large openings facilitate working even with heavy, bulky work pieces.

This is complemented by almost legendary UNIFLEX quality such
as consistent accuracy and high reliability for years and decades,
which are in particular due to unique slide bearing technology: In contrast to lubricated crimpers, UNIFLEX crimpers operate without any friction losses, so that capacity and crimping power can be fully exploited, high speeds are achieved and maintenance is minimized. In addition, the crimping process is very clean, i.e. work expense is reduced.


HM 325

HM 420

HM 480

HM 665